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New Cone Beam CT Scan

Dr. Lynady is the first Chiropractor in Florida to offer a Cone Beam CT Scan. With this new advancement, Dr. Lynady is able to view a 3D image of your upper cervical spine to pinpoint exact locations of misalignments.

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Lake Mary Chiropractor

Dr. Jack Lynady is one of Lake Mary’s Top Rated Chiropractors, having a 5 star rating on Google’s Local Listings. He is a University of Florida and Life University graduate that has been practicing Chiropractic care since 1999. For those looking for an experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Lynady has helped hundreds of satisfied patients over the years, including many that have personally given personal testimonies.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Lake Mary

Upper cervical care is a unique branch of healthcare within the chiropractic profession that focuses on proper alignment of the upper vertebrae in the neck. The importance of these vertebrae (the first called C1 or the atlas, the 2nd called C2 or the axis) has to do with the vital structures it surrounds. The most important structure in this area is the lower brain stem, which extends out of the skull into the upper neck, before transitioning into the spinal cord. The significance of the lower brainstem is that it controls most of the vital automatic functions of the body including heart rate, digestion, breathing, blood pressure, and many reflexes. Also passing through this area are the postural reflexes, that unconsciously control muscle tone throughout the spine. In addition, this area is critical for regulating the body’s inflammatory response.

What Dr. Lynady does is VERY different from the “snap, crackle, and pop” chiropractor most people are familiar with. The procedure practiced by Dr. Lynady places great importance on the correction of the misalignment of the skull, spine, and pelvis. It is a gentle non-invasive approach that is safe and effective for all ages.

After Dr. Lynady performs a thorough examination including a spinal analysis on a specially designed machine called an anatometer, he then goes over his findings, answers any questions, and performs the adjustment. The procedure is a gentle pressure applied near the level of the earlobe in a specific direction to move the spinal structures back into their proper position, a much different experience than what a standard chiropractor performs. The adjustment is extremely comfortable and most patients report that they don’t feel anything more than the slight weight of the doctor’s hand against their neck.

“Improving Health and Vitality one spine at a time”

— Dr. Jack Lynady

About Dr. Jack Lynady


  • Dr. Jack Started Practice In 1999
  • Over 17 Years Experience
  • Specialized In Upper Cervical Care
  • NUCCA Specialist
  • Married Over 20 Years
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Board Certified in Chiropractic Medicine
  • Member of the Florida Chiropractic Society and Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Post-Graduate studies in multiple Upper-cervical disciplines including NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal, Orthospinology, and Grostic Procedure

Meet Dr. Jack

  • Dr. Jack Lynady

  • University Of Florida

    University Of Florida


    I graduated in 1995 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.

  • Life University

    Life University


    In 1998, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University.


  • KEEP

    Atop this critical area sits the head. The head weighs between 8 and 14 lbs
    and rests in a delicate balance at the top of the spine. The head must remain
    perfectly balanced and in alignment on top of the neck to prevent any interference
    in brain to body communication.
    Most People Experience Head/Neck Misalignment Without Ever Knowing It